Processing export goods
Granite is beautiful, quality, upscale, if lacking in sharpness and 
sophistication in the process. Lacking technique in the construction
process, the stone did not show its full beauty construction of standard
granite: Granite is beautiful, quality, upscale, if lacking in sharpness
and sophistication in the process. Lacking technique in the construction
process, the stone did not show its full beauty.

At the same time, they are also very quickly degraded after a period of
use: it can be a stone that is no longer glossy, the stone is permeable,
worse than the broken stone. Therefore, the technique of processing and
executing marble diamonds is an especially important issue.


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Processing export goods

Processing export goods

Processing export goods

Quality standards:

Processing at the factory or at the project: It means cutting, grafting, polishing, waterproofing stone, arranging stone at the factory. After that, bring up the assembly or stone plates with 
fixed size are transported to the project and then cut. They seem to be quite similar but there are a lot of problems present here Perfection of components, bevelled edges, edges: In the
factory with modern machinery, the space is sufficient for the workman to be able to complete his work. If something goes wrong, it's much easier to fix it.
Stone waterproofing: The waterproofing is extremely important, especially edge waterproofing. Many construction units cut marble at the construction site. After that, the next
or waterproofing is too quick, the waterproofing solution does not dry up quickly, such as "bringing salt to the sea" does not work, so cutting the stone at the factory will be
waterproofing. Solution of dry waterproofing, newly transported to the project, thus, the appearance of yellow stains on the stone roads will not happen after a period of use.
Arrangement of stone lines: This is especially important with Marble. Of course, with black granite pattern like marble is also very important. Use the images of the large slab slabs 
themselves, arrange them on the design software and when the factory cuts the marble to that size. They will be marked location, so that when moving up the work, the position of stone
tiles according to the design agreed with the customer. The stone cutting units at the project will not be able to do this. This is also applicable to tiling options that use a variety
of stones, such as carpeted stairs, gravel floors, etc.
Avoid noise and dust on the building: this will be especially important in rock replacement and repair works.
Processing export goods
However, the biggest limitation when processing stone in the workshop is a team of measurement techniques and surveying works with many years of experience. Avoid errors in the 
process of processing, cutting stones at the factory causing great damage. With many years experience and modern machinery customers can be assured. Auxiliary: Auxiliary materials in the process of construction and construction: we mention whether the system of stone adhesives, stone bonding, tile adhesives, paving, frames, waterproofing
solution meets the standard or not. For items such as paving, stair tread, if using oil lake, they do not have elasticity, put great pressure on stone, broken stone slabs.

High-class marble, though better able to waterproof than other stones, is still permeable, so waterproof is still very necessary, phase waterproofing solution, no labeling is used
a lot today, although However, if mixed incorrectly, they will not achieve the desired effect, sometimes creating stains on the stone. Glue bonding stones, pates, frames is also
very important, especially safety issues during use, if the glue is not tight enough, pates, frames, rust after a while will drop the stone, That word is very dangerous. Technique,
workmanship of the team of construction, processing: beautiful marble products depend very much on the skills of the person who made them, stone is no exception, from sculpture,
cutting, grafting to placing. stone panels side by side, repair at the construction site.
Processing export goods