Mop floor, stone floor


1/ Overview of floors and stone floors
We all know the floor is an indispensable position in a building. Regardless of 
whether a building is large or small, there is no floor. Because it is a structural
component first of the building. The design and construction of the floor must
ensure the goals standards and regulations to bring sustainability to the project.
The floor must be strong enough. Not subsidence, cracked, waterproof and flat.
The floor is a surface flat, where we put all the furniture in the house. At the
same time, also Duty bearing, soundproof and thermal insulation.
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2/ Advantages of floor coverings
Using granite for flooring is a great option for projects. Because of We will get a 
lot of advantages from this material. Is a stone Formed from nature, high hardness
granite. So when construction Granite floors will bring stability, good meet construction
standards. Currently, granite is also very diverse in color and style for all people
choose. Therefore, they are completely suitable for each architecture and work different
process. When cladding for floors you will own a beautiful, cool work and durable with
time. Not only that, the living space becomes modern and more luxurious when the floor
is covered with granite. Not only that, they are Safe for everyone's health. Do not miss
this great document.
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3/ Essential properties of granite floor
As mentioned above, the floor is an important location and requires good bearing 
capacity and anti-subsidence. So the selection of materials to ensure the
construction meets the requirements. There are many matches Flooring materials
in which granite is the first choice.Granite floor tiles need to have firm
rigidity. Because this is a very important position and bear a lot of power.
Impact force  from our movement, the force of the walls, the force from furniture
 ... All impact on the floor so they need good rigidity to withstand force. In
addition, granite floor tiles also need to be suitable thickness. People should not
choose too thin stones will not be able  stand. They will easily crack and crack,
affect Build quality and costly to replace and repair. In addition, it is also
advisable to choose and use granite flooring The tile has good waterproof and
scratch resistance. And special Easy to clean. Because we move a lot on the stone
floor if they are not  Well, it will easily scratch and make it difficult to clean.
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4/ What kind of granite floor suitable?
Granite is heavily used and becomes an important material in many construction. 
They can be used to build a variety of buildings, from civil engineering to public.
Which cover granite floor best fit? There are many types of stones suitable for
the floor to choose from words including white stone line. This stone is currently
very popular in the market and has properties suitable for flooring. Binh Dinh gold
stone line is also the choice of many people. Because they have a distinctive yellow
color that gives a luxury, Exquisite beauty to the door. For those who want their
works more impressive, attractive and Luxurious, Cambodian slat is the perfect choice.
Black of stone brings mystery, cleanness to the floor. Or if you want to upgrade the
floor, we can use British brown stone.This is a high-end granite line, with a
relatively high price.There are also many people who use Brazilian Ruby or dyed Red
rock for the project. In particular, dyed red rocks are artificial stone, but they
are still trusted in quality and hardness.
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