Television wall, toilet wall

Television wall, toilet wall

1/ Stone walled TV, toilet

A house is made up of many different elements, including the stone facing the TV wall. It is identified as an important location and contributes to decorate the house more nicely. So that the wall tiles beautiful TV wall, quality not only ensures safety but it also enhances the value of the work. Outstanding features when executing marble tiles for TV wall The use of marble for construction of TV wall tiles has different advantages compared to other materials. Granite wall tiles will be highly aesthetic, beautiful and much more luxurious. + In addition, granite also has good hardness, bearing capacity is also very high, suitable for TV wall tiles. + Not only that, granite also has many designs, colors, sizes for you to choose. So when choosing the right stone will contribute to adorn the building and living space. + In particular, this stone is a modern material but still retains its natural and classic beauty. Therefore, when installing the TV wall will bring a diversity in design styles for the project. + The marble is formed in nature so does not contain toxic chemicals and very safe for the health of users.

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2/ Feng shui colors of marble tiles facing TV, toilet

Have you ever thought that choosing a stone walled TV installation should be suitable for feng shui? This is really very important thing. Because if this factor is not guaranteed can cause many conflicts affecting life and health. Using marble tiles for TV wall, people can choose black stone for construction. This color is extremely suitable for the destiny of water and wood. In particular, they also work in stimulating the path of fame and career very well. Or the red color of stone is also a perfect choice if the owner of the Fire or Earth. Because these are the original colors, they help boost positive energy sources. In addition, it also helps the life and work of homeowners promote. If the homeowner is destined for Kim and Tho, please choose brown marble for TV wall, then the path of fortune and luck will come to you. Or choose yellow stone tiles for television wall if the person is Tho, Kim and Thuy. This color symbolizes wealth, wealth and surely when tiling will bring a lot of luck to homeowners.

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3/ What to do to make marble tiles for TV and toilet walls are durable?

Granite is a premium stone and has the highest durability among all stones. In particular, this stone is very beautiful and durable over time, so it is very popular. But to make the TV wall tiles shine, people should note: + Do not use hard, sharp objects to scrub, pull on the rock surface to avoid scratches. + Stone should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth, clean water. Absolutely do not use chemicals and strong cleaning solutions to clean the floor.

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4/ Black walls lightning luxurious.

1. Overview of lightning black rock Lightning Black Lightning is a marble type (marble) exploited in northeastern Spain, composed mainly of crystallized calcium of calcium carbonate (CACO3). Thousands of years ago in the earth's crust, thanks to the chemical composition, the stone is very hard (not as hard as granite). The color of the stone is quite special, is associated with the lightning of the night sky, is a subtle combination of mysterious natural black and strong and energetic white veins creating the Unique and magical charm. Lightning black stone is now one of the top choices for large architecture worldwide, matching designs from classic to modern and superlative in elegance.

2. Information on lightning slat + Vietnamese name: Lightning slat. + Foreign name: Nero Mac Quina, Taurus Black. + Other names: Black lightning bolt, marble lightning stone, lightning bolt, black lightning bolt, ... + Category: Natural stone. + Color: Mainstream black combined with delicate random white lightning patterns. + Origin: Spain (Spain) + Type of stone: Marble (marble) + Rank: Ranked in the line of high-end granite because it is exploited from Europe and has a unique unique setting compared to with other marble stones.

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