Match 45 degrees kitchen, lavabo, bar
Installing a stone table by yourself is not as simple as sweeping paint onto 
an array of walls, it contains a lot of risks such as broken kitchen tiles,
the appearance of cracks, or they are bent, buckled, even , you don't even
know if the kitchen cabinet system really withstands the force of marble or
not ... So if you are not confident or immediately refer to our sharing line
right here on the design process. natural granite kitchen installation.
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Match 45 degrees kitchen, lavabo, bar

Make a kitchen plan with natural granite. When planning your installation, work with the stone shop near you. Granite is heavy, difficult to transport and must be cut with specialized 
tools. And although it is known for its hardness, if it is not handled correctly or installed with proper support. Measuring to order a kitchen countertop stone is indispensable, to ensure the correct size use Kraft paper or other light but hard material to mark the sink and other machining details.
Your kitchen countertops should protrude 1 to ½ inch above the cabinet surface. If you find it too difficult and too risky, you can ask the help of your supplier and outsourcing kitchen
table, they will give you the most accurate measurement. The most accurate way to make measurements for kitchen countertops is to make a sample from cardboard, thin plywood or even Mylar plastic. Record the sample so that it fits into the
wall along the entire running process of the cabinet before tracing the leading edge on the sample.
You must accurately measure the removal site for sinks and stoves, and holes for faucets and soap dispensers. Be careful not to allow distances of more than 2 feet between cabinets, 
such as a span on the dishwasher. And allow no more than 6 inches protruding unsupported with 2 cm stones and 9 inches with 3 cm stones. You should use a plywood board with a thickness of about ¾ inch, the right size for the surface of the kitchen table, not protruding from the kitchen table. These plywood panels will
help reduce the weight of marble on the cabinet system, helping them not to break, break, and ensure that when the cabinet doors can be opened without being entangled next to the
stone table if outsourcing by edge grafting method. These stones are heavy and brittle, so ask someone to help you move them. Note, erect the panels and make sure they don't slip when leaning against the wall. First, you place these
marble panels on the kitchen counter (plywood), making sure they are in the same position as you measured them. Use a pen to mark the location of the washbasin on the plywood, then
put the marble plate down.
Using a drill with a parasol saw to cut the plywood along the line you have drawn, you can cut the strip out of the way you draw about 1/8 inch. Then proceed to install the washbasin.

Use blue painter’s tape on the sides of the seams to prevent colorings from spreading to the stone surface. Mix the dough to create a mixed color and saturated polyester resin to match 
the color of the kitchen stone you are using, then mix this with a hardener with a ratio of 3% hardener and 97% of the color mixture. . Using a glue knife to squeeze this mixture into
the joints, this work must be done quickly because the mixture will quickly harden when you put hardener in. Remove the tapes as soon as you finish, wait for the mixture to dry, smooth them to make them flat and beautiful. The process of installing marble tiles for kitchen surfaces has been
completed. The above process is just one of the many ways to install kitchen made of natural stone granite and it is applied to the simplest kitchen space, without too many additional
details such as negative gas stove, electricity, ... however. It still
contains a lot of risks.