1/ Beautiful granite tomb
Marble tombs are made from natural marble. This product also works called a granite 
tomb. Granite is a natural stone with hardness and degree high glossy, colorful,
beautiful. Different from the blue stone grave products granite has a variety of
colors such as red, blue, yellow, white, ... Marble. It is often used to make marble
tombstone products facing tiles, marble tombstones ... are very popular in the market The current.
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2/ The price for building a granite tomb

The price for building a granite tomb is not fixed, usually depends on the design, size, rarity of the color, place of delivery, ... There are two types of monolithic granite tombs and granite tiles. The price of monolithic marble tombs is usually larger than the price of granite tiles.

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3/ Tombstone granite monolithic

The average price of monolithic granite usually costs 450,000 - 900,000 VND / m2 depending on the color of the granite chosen by the customer. The average price of a monolithic granite tombstone product usually ranges from a few million to several tens of million dong.

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4/ Beautiful Granite Gravestone

The selection of granite in the design and construction of a tombstone contributes to the conservation and maintenance of the tomb from external influences. This has great significance to the element of feng shui, spirituality of Vietnamese people. In particular, the use of granite in the construction of a tomb not only brings aesthetic elements to the work, but the granite tomb also possesses many outstanding advantages below: Granite tombs are capable of withstanding high temperatures. , waterproof and natural stone should last over time. Therefore, after many years of using the granite, they remain unchanged in color and do not crack, so do not need regular restoration. Unlike tombstones made of green stone or white stone, stone tomb samples made from granite have a variety of colors, some colors of granite often seen are color, gray, jet black, white, yellow ...Usually granite tombs are smooth, not carved with patterns like other tomb stones, so it will assert a more classy position. Because of its sleek, square edge, granite tombs are easy to clean. In feng shui tombs as well as taboo things, the cave is the first taboo taboo and especially avoided. It may be due to the impact of the environment, subsidence or damaging animals, but as known, granite persists over time, less affected by external forces, so the family can be assured. than.

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