Stone decorated Bar

Stone decorated Bar

1/ For decoration purposes:

Usually, the bar is usually located in the central lobby. An important construction item
to show the entire face of the space, with shiny surfaces and well arranged colors. The
space of granite bar will become more luxurious and attractive. Show off the beauty and
class of this space.
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2/ For the purpose of working:
The bar is usually used to store a large number of items for preparation. The stone 
has a certain hardness to help this surface withstand large loads. Besides, this is
also a place to prepare different drinks, so the type of water pouring on the surface
is unavoidable. Granite has a good waterproof surface. Easy to clean, very useful for
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3/ Characteristics of marble bars
Stone veins, colors: The product has a variety of colors, vivid stone still eye-catching.
Stone width: Width: 10mm - 900mm, Length: <3400mm, Thickness: 20 mm · Color:
Diverse colors, meet all needs of users · Main components of granite: crystalline
crystalline form from sedimentary, limestone or dolomite rocks. · Physical
characteristics: firmness, hardness is rated on par with diamonds, high waterproof
ability, less water repellent, less oxidized, withstand large impact forces. · Stone
surface: Smooth, smooth ball, meticulously processed and waxed to help the stone
surface have a smooth shine. The bar made of granite brings a more luxurious and
eye-catching look
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4/ Advantages of granite bar:
Granite has many advantages over building materials as well as traditional interior 
products. This product possesses outstanding features such as: - This product has
an exceptional rigidity equal to that of diamond, withstanding intentional impact
force, good impact resistance suitable for positions such as bar, table top, reception
desk .... - Good waterproof ability, limited damage or repair, less oxidized - Diverse,
attractive colors, giving a luxurious, courteous space space - Easy installation,
shaping favorable convenient
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