Stone columns and water hyacinth
Stone columns and water hyacinthWhen constructing constructions such 
as apartments, high-rise buildings, villas, townhouses, and buildings
with great architecture, we all know the very important role of round,
square columns supporting the ceiling. or make a decorative highlight
for the exterior, the facade is more lively.


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Stone columns and water hyacinth

Granite round column, square column is used natural granite or marble (marble) to cover the entire column created or manufactured monolithic. Nowadays there are many materials for 
cladding such as wood cladding, composite plastic, imitation stone paint ...   Granite ColumnGranite, also known as
granite, is a special natural stone known for its high hardness,
capable of withstanding large pressures. According to that Mosh
 scale, the hardness of this stone is 7-8, second only to the hardness of diamonds. Granite is formed from volcanic
lava, has a solid crystalline
structure so it has good waterproofing and heat resistance. Therefore, granite tile ladding is the perfect method for all outdoor construction items.

Granite is used by many people not only for its outstanding mechanical advantages but also for their beauty. Natural granite is very diverse in color, stone texture. Even in the
same quarry, you can not find 2 blocks with identical striae. This makes it unique for every stone pillar project. Granite
columned depending on the origin that has different prices.
However, according to the opinion, this stone has a mid-range price, does not cost
 too much but in return you have a beautiful, sustainable column over time. These values ​​can say
far beyond the cost you have to spend.

Marble Columns, MarbleMarble is also known as marble, other than granite (marble) marble is formed from limestone. Through the process of geological and climate change, marble has
its own special characteristics and characteristics. When it comes to marble columns, your first impression is undoubtedly
the captivating beauty of this stone. The variety of
colors and the ability to absorb the light of this stone make them more expensive than other natural
stones. In terms of mechanical properties, marble belongs to the limestone
family so the stone has a lower bearing capacity than that of granite, has
excellent heat resistance but poor waterproofing. To improve this situation, marble columns are always
treated with waterproofing and polishing carefully
to ensure durability and beauty during construction. If you want to use this type of stone, you need to maintain the stone column
regularly to ensure the
beauty as well as the durability.

Marble - marble columns often appear in large houses, luxurious spaces, focusing on decorative purposes rather than construction purposes. Various colors and patterns on stone are
the first advantages for you to choose this type of stone column.
 The price of marble columns is always high, because of the feats in sculpting and carvings. Marble stone pillars
are meticulously and carefully cared for every detail by soft stones so this stage needs high precision. When admiring these marble pillar colors, you will certainly not be able to
take your eyes off them.

Artificial Stone ColumnWith the current capacity of natural stone exploitation, the shortage of stones in design and construction is inevitable and a need for other superior 
materials is needed. Artificial stone is the most perfect alternative material. Artificial stone pillars in recent years have been widely used. Artificial stone is made from high
quality stone powder with some specialized glue. The production process of this stone is simulated as the process of natural stone formation under extremely high pressure
environment. Therefore, artificial stone fully converges the advantages of natural stone from hardness, heat resistance, waterproofing, gloss, ... In addition, the color and
pattern of this stone are also very simulated. varied and natural. Artificial stone columns currently on the Vietnamese market have many different designs and colors. With the
advantage of being able to bend, this stone makes extremely unique stone pillars that no natural stone can do.The price of this stone is also in the middle range, so this is a
suitable construction material to replace natural stone for lining columns and many other construction items.
 Natural stone columns are used both indoors and outdoors to reduce
the pressure load between floors and as well as decorative items for more beautiful spaces. Choosing a good stone pillar, suitable for two important criteria is beauty and
durability is always a difficult problem of many homeowners when designing a home. Granite ColumnsThe circular shape symbolizes perfection, so it is complete, so this stone pillar
pattern is often used in large architectural works such as buildings, shopping centers, temples, pagodas, etc. water, using stone pillar circle will bring good vitality for the
entire living space. Depending on the needs and tastes of their use, homeowners can choose from many beautiful stone pillar pattern.

The smooth round stone column will be an appropriate choice for modern houses with simple but sophisticated style. The stylized round stone pillar with the body embossed into
each notch is also an impressive choice with luxurious European-style spaces.
 The corner can only be reduced to sophisticated or sophisticated depending on the needs of the owner.
These touch patterns are very diverse with many different shapes ranging from classic design styles to modern lines. The foot of the platform is also used by stone with two main
shapes: round and square. These two designs are very suitable for round stone columns. The foot of this platform should also be designed in sync with the cornices from colors to
pattern lines. Stone column round column is often chosen for small areas to save space. Therefore, round column stones should use bright colors such as white, beige,  yellow, ...
to create ventilation and "loosen" the space to be taller and wider.Granite ColumnsThe square represents majesty, power, and durability. The square column stone is definitely
suitable for large and open spaces with high aesthetic value. Because of this, square stone pillars were often used in many large architectural works both ancient times and
present. Natural stone, according to many feng shui houses, symbolizes good air flow, especially with a square design, which protects and protects the house from the unfortunate
elements. Square stone pillars are therefore very focused in large spaces, helping to peaceful vitality.
Stone columns and water hyacinth
Granite column price

Depends on size, type of stone, model and delivery address. Even different prices vary from time to time, so it is impossible to list specific prices like other regular products.

There are many materials used to make a pillar of a house like iron, steel, concrete, bricks, wood, ... but natural stone pillars are still the most used material because of sustainability and 
Luxury for the whole house. In the opinion of many architects, the pillar in a house is like a note in a song or the grammar of an essay to express their importance. Pillars are not only used to support the house but
also play an important role in embellishing the beauty of the house. House architecture using stone columns first appeared in the years 2600 BC. They are located in the entire ancient Egyptian architecture in the palaces, large mausoleums. Over time,
the changes in geology and climate, these works are still intact with the ancient traces today.