Stone stairs


1/ Overview of building granite stairs
With houses built without floors, you won't have to think about stair design. But 
when a house has one or more floors, Stairs are a very important component. This
is the location that connects these floor of the house, where traffic is along the
vertical axis of the building. Bridge The ladder is very important in feng shui
and transportation. Therefore, the construction Stair construction should ensure
many factors, especially safety and aesthetics.
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2/ Advantages when executing granite stairs
Building materials and interior decoration are currently numerous, materials for stairs 
is also very diverse. It could be bricks, wood, tempered glass or stone. But granite is
still the most preferred material when stair construction. The staircase is where we
move quite a lot, so paved Granite will ensure the safety of the project. Because this
stone has Very high rigidity, impact resistance and impact must be durable. Not only
that, using granite also helps your living space become more special and impressive. By
the variety of colors and patterns of granite will bring stairs to life. A great advantage
of using granite to stair tangents are reasonably priced. Compared to the use of wood to
build, stones are more affordable, much more durable and No problem when using.
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3/ The need for a granite staircase
It's no coincidence that we use granite to coat stairs, An extremely important indoor 
location. Because they have many points Outstanding advantages and characteristics
meet this position requirements. However, Granite has many types, so when choosing
also need to Choose products with degrees High strength, rigidity and good impact
strength. This is an important asset Must first choose when to make the stairs.
Construction granite Stairs also need to ensure thickness. Because if the stone is
too thin, it will not able to match motion or weight when we travel calendar much.
Therefore, granite tiles opposite the stairs should have a thickness of 2-4cm  is the best. People often use granite to build stairs, But also can choose certified
quality artificial stone. Term using stone dyes because they are prone to discoloration,
rapid degradation, and cracked. In addition, granite for paving stone needs to ensure
aesthetics. There is, they must match the architecture of the building. There are many
colors to choose Choose with texture, stone pattern to enhance the beauty of the project.
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4/ Những loại đá granite phù hợp cho cầu thang?
Building stone stairs is not only used in constructions civil but also for public works. 
Such as apartments, apartments, halls and many other public facilities. So when choosing  
Which stone materials need to ensure conformity and harmony and bring the Safe for the
project? So which type of granite will be suitable for the position stairs? Zhong Jin Sa
Trung Stone is the first candidate for stairs and they are used a lot today. Because of
the rock This is clean and green, reasonable price, it's very reliable. Brazilian Brazil
Red Ruby stone is also used to make many stairs. they are Durable, hard, and especially
beautiful red. With Stairs often choose stone reed white stream. In addition to Jin Sa
Zhong, This stone is equally popular. The combination of white and black polka Dots make
rocks look great. Another suitable stone for stairs is Cambodian black stone. With black
very well suited to keep it clean, luxury for stairs. Or British brown stone with
impressive brown Colors are often chosen to build stairs for elegance and sophistication construction. Blue sandstone is also very popular because of it characteristic blue. When
facing stone, it will make stairs become more impressive, more prominent and contribute
to beauty project. Taiwan blue stone road, Binh Dinh gold stone are also Use lot for stair
area. It all contributes to the aesthetics of Effective project.
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