Kitchen surface

Kitchen surface

1/ Overview of stone kitchen construction

The kitchen in a house is very important. It is not only a place to cook but also a place to keep the fire for family happiness. The kitchen is a place where cozy meals and moments of family gathering are gathered with loving tray. A nice, clean and cozy kitchen helps to unite the love of family members.

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2/ Advantages of stone kitchen construction

When executing granite on the kitchen surface, we will get a lot of great advantages, such as: The durability of granite is probably not to be discussed much. Good hardness and bearing capacity help the stone to withstand the impact of cooking in the kitchen. Beautiful is what we can not resist with the stone kitchen. The beauty here is largely thanks to the marble blocks. They are diverse in colors, patterns help your kitchen become luxurious, much more sophisticated. Another advantage we will get when using granite for kitchen construction is safety. The safety here is shown in the durability of the rock. Natural granite is formed by the process of creating natural crust. The strength of stone is very good, so it can withstand heat in the kitchen. Moreover, they do not contain toxic substances for human health, so when using kitchen tiles ensure absolute safety. Easy to clean is always a top priority when choosing kitchen construction materials. And granite has responded well to this. When cooking if you miss grease, wire stains we can clean easily without leaving stains.Properties of granite kitchen-toilets The kitchen is the area where cooking takes place, so it is quite hot, especially the kitchen table is much hotter due to the heat emanating from the kitchen. If we use materials that do not meet this criterion, they will not be durable, easily broken and costly. And granite is a good candidate for the kitchen area. When using granite for kitchen tiles they should have properties such as: ➥ Must have good hardness to withstand the impact as well as withstand the heat during cooking. If the stone is not guaranteed to be easily cracked or exploded, it is dangerous to the user. ➥ Stone for kitchen tiles also needs good waterproofing and durability. The strength of stone is expressed not only in heat resistance but also in resistance to scratches. ➥ A very high and required requirement of using granite for safety.Because if the rock does not guarantee this can be dangerous to health when we cook and live. ➥ When choosing kitchen tiles, the thing that cannot be ignored is the hygiene issue. Do you think if kitchen tiles are difficult to clean and rough, how to clean when dirty? It must be very difficult, isn't it? Therefore, when choosing granite should ensure a smooth surface, easy to clean. However, people should note, we need to limit the use of artificial granite for the kitchen area. Because of the high temperature, using artificial stone will not guarantee safety and longevity for stone.

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3/ What kind of granite is suitable for the kitchen - toilet

Construction of kitchen stone and toilet tiles is the perfect choice to enhance the beauty of the space and bring coziness. But are all granite suitable for the kitchen area? The answer is no. Not all stones are suitable, we need to consider and learn carefully about the right stone for the kitchen area to execute. That is to ensure the best use efficiency. Currently, some types of granite are suitable for the construction of kitchen tiles such as: Trung Kim Sa Trung stone with black and yellow crystals is the type of stone used in most kitchen surface stones. Brazil Brazilian Ruby red stone, Indian red stone has characteristic red color suitable for kitchen area to highlight the space. ➥ Or the line of Cambodian black stone with pure black color is becoming the choice of many families for its cleanliness and elegance. ➥ You can also use British brown stone for your kitchen. The characteristic brown color and stone fringes give a distinctive signature to the kitchen. Bình People also use Binh Dinh gold stone to build kitchen tiles because of its characteristic yellow color. ➥ In addition, green sandstone is also a great choice for this location.

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4/ Feng shui colors of granite kitchen - toilet

As said, the kitchen is considered the heart of the house, the place to keep fire for happiness. Therefore, feng shui elements are very focused when choosing granite tiles kitchen. There are many types of granite suitable for the kitchen and they also have many different colors to choose from. Depending on preferences, architecture we will choose the stone with the right color. But do not ignore the feng shui factor when choosing granite tiles for kitchen. The black color of granite will suit the homeowners of Moc and Thuy. The black color represents the mystery of money and status. Using black granite for the kitchen will bring many advantages for homeowners. Or with characteristic red perfectly suited for the kitchen. The kitchen represents fire, and so does the red color. The masters of Moc and Kim do not ignore the red color of granite to tiles for their kitchen. It will stimulate positive energy sources, bring a lot of luck to homeowners. The brown color of granite is also suitable for the kitchen and is suitable for the homeowners of Kim, Hoa and Tho. Brown is the color of the earth signifies sustainability and peace. Or homeowners Kim, Moc and Thuy can also use yellow granite to build kitchens and toilets.

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