Stone table


1/ Granite makes the dining table surface

presently many families choose kitchen stone products to be the table for because it's always beautiful beautiful and special it's very easy to clean cleaning, flowering material is the most selection, united stone diverse different desk for color

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2/ Features of the current market of stone table:

Currently, the market is providing 3 popular stone surface lines including granite, marble and artificial stone. Each line has advantages and disadvantages that make it extremely difficult for manufacturers to limit its weaknesses. For example: Granite (granite) is used earliest in beauty and kitchen protection. The stone is very durable, does not require too much maintenance time because of its heat resistance, but it is easy to break after a period of use. Meanwhile, marble (marble) appears after a while, the surface is more beautiful than granite, but less dense, requiring careful construction, more meticulous. With the lines, beautiful motifs that attract back are easily scratched, waterproof. Later, manufacturing units tried to repair the surface to minimize the water absorption ability of marble. Artificial stone appeared the latest, used with the method of binding stone powder with additives to help the surface. Accurate face, seamless finished product like never had adhesive marks.Nice surface, overall harmony, easy to clean. The weakness of the artificial stone is that it can be deformed when exposed to heat such as placing hot pots and pans, losing the beauty of the surface. For some quartz-based artificial stone lines made from 100% quartz stone powder, the structure is durable, beautiful, dense, very good bearing, beautiful surface treatment, easy cleaning. It is the good response of the market as some brands such as Kim Long Phu have brought the trend of using new materials: quartz-based artificial stones in construction.

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3/ Diverse table surface

Marble countertops will be designed with many designs, suitable for many spaces and functions of the user. Round Marble Countertops With the shine of natural Marble, the round table model has a special appeal to consumers when it shows the connection and attachment. At a family meal, the round dining table will help your family have a more cohesive and fun space than ever. Marble round table with bright and striking colors to create accents for your home space. So the light white or light gray with soft stone pattern is the ideal Marble used for this type of dining table. If you love the convenience and modernity, the rotating marble stone dining table is an ideal choice for homeowners. The dishes on the table can be rotated according to the wishes of everyone in your family, very convenient but polite. In addition to the incredible versatility, this Marble countertops have an extremely luxurious design style, diverse colors and fresh. The rotating dining table types are interiors suitable for modern, elegant and formal space. Square Marble Table, Rectangle Marble Dining table square into angled corner represents balance and certainty in feng shui. The design of such a Marble countertops brings homeowners a harmonious temperament, balanced growth and prosperity in the future.In addition to the square table model, the marble dining table also has a very popular and popular rectangular design. This is considered to be the most used dining table design and also the hearts of the most customers. Rectangular Marble countertops can accommodate a larger number of people than other types of dining tables. Extend the length of the rectangular stone table so you can own a table that is suitable for large families or your frequent home guests. Oval Marble Table converges in its advantages such as convenience, safety and beautiful design and can be suitable for any area of ​​space. Marble oval countertops always seem to have a strong appeal to today's consumers. Marble stone countertops are considered to be the perfect combination of round and rectangular Marble countertops. Therefore, this product line has the advantage that it is not too small, nor too large in size and easily fits into the space area.

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4/ Unique features:

Each cut marble is unique, not mixed because of the unique pattern. Diversity of colors: It is at this point that the Marble stone countertops become unique showing the elegance and originality of the homeowners' works. Durability: Marble is among the natural materials that “possess” durability that is challenging with time. Heat resistance: Fire resistance is very good, so it ensures more for the house against fire safety hazards. Marble Stone Tea Table Stone tea table present with a variety of designs as well as colors gives you more choices. One of the most popular tea tables is Marble stone tea table which is very popular with consumers. Natural stone with beautiful shadows and extremely prominent fringes creates a high tea table and brings a luxurious and classy beauty to the space. It is also extremely easy to combine with other furniture to create harmony and unity.Cafe Counter with Marble Stone Marble Stone is a stone with the highest aesthetic value of natural stones applied in construction design today. The color of this stone is very diverse with a unique stone pattern, suitable for creating unique Marble coffee tables. Marble is very diverse colors with different color spectrum, can use monolithic or a combination of different stone blocks. Therefore, you can unleash create a marble coffee table with different design styles. Marble has always been highly appreciated for its beauty showing its elegance, fire resistance and variety of finished products. Currently, this stone surface is applied a lot and it works to beautify the space of your house.

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