1/ What is lavabo stone table?

The washbasin, handwash or "luxurious" is lavabo. They are one of the indispensable equipment in toilet design. People will use lavabo to wash their hands, face when using the toilet. It can be suspended and fixed on the wall, or table mounted. There are many materials used to design lavabo, of which the stone lavabo table is currently very popular and popular. If using stainless steel material, porcelain has become too familiar and somewhat outdated, then the stone pedestal is the most perfect choice today.

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2/ Advantages when using lavabo stone

Construction lavabo stone table is one of the choices of many people. It contributes to creating a great relaxing space for us in our own home. Rocks are materials of natural origin, so they are safe for users.Advantages of using stone lavabo      Some advantages can be mentioned when using natural stone lavabo: ➥ As is known, the lavabo will be installed at bathrooms, toilets and in constant contact with water. Stones exposed to water will not rust like stainless steel or other metals. They will be increasingly bright, shiny and much more beautiful. ➥ The color of stone is very diverse, many patterns for everyone to choose. When combined with other furniture will create a space very impressive and attractive. ➥ Entering a bathroom, a toilet with a natural stone lavabo table will make you feel more luxurious. It adds to the area, where many people think that design is fine.

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3/ The essential features of the hand wash stone surface

With the above advantages, you should use stone for tiling and constructing lavabo, hand washing sink is the right choice. But, what should stone be chosen for this area? Stone used to lavabo stone countertop, hand wash basins should have some characteristics such as:➥ Good waterproofing capacity is the first requirement for stone. Because it must be in contact with water very often. If the stone does not have waterproofing ability, it will quickly be broken, cracked or flaky. ➥ Stone must have high hardness to withstand impacts from many different elements in the toilet. Especially to withstand the impact of chemicals such as shampoo, hand wash ... ➥ Scratch resistance is also a necessary feature of stone used to make stone sink surfaces. If stones are easily scratched when exposed to water, chemicals will be seeped inside. From there, affecting the rock and stone structures will quickly degrade and deteriorate. L Stone lavabo tiles also require high aesthetics. Because when we have beautiful stone samples will help improve the value of the building.

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