1/ Construction techniques of housing steps
Know the technical requirements for building housing steps. Know the sequence of 
steps to build a house. Perform construction techniques properly and safely Within 1 hour, 25 ÷ 35 bricks will be built (complicated structurebuild) Accurate industriousness at work Main content:Housing floor (base ± 0, 00) is usually made higher natural land
from +200 to +500. To use it Convenient when building townhouses, houses, Phuong
Nam The villa must build steps up and down (stairs). Steps There are steps
depending on the height of the sole The height of each step is 15 ± 20 cm and
the steps are from 25 ± 35 cm.
Check the horizontal and height of the ground
Determine the main point between steps Determine and scale order scale Build the
first floor of the house: From the middle point is 0, the measurement step is
about 2 sides equal to 1/2 size ruler to determine 2 points A and B From A and
B use a straight ruler or ruler and ruler to define points A1 and B1 at the foot
of the foundation wall Divide the height of each step on the straight lines AA1
and BB1 Draw lines A1C and B1D according to the dimensions of the first order
and perpendicular to the wall foundation then A1CDB1 is the boundary of the
first order. Building First Level - Determine the size of the second order:
sizing of the first order Technical requirements for building housing steps:
Steps must be x y up in the correct position size steps must be equal in width
and height
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2/ Construction method:
Building the first step: Create a circle around the size of the bottom step
Build the No. 1 mine and adjust the height to coincide marker of elevation A2 
of level 1. Building up the No. 2 tablets, use the balance to adjust the
balance with member number 1.Tension between members 1 and 2 to build
intermediate members. Building inner blocks in order from the inside out, layer
1 to 2 Build the 2nd order:Impressions and order as well as first order. Order
do not make the circuit first, need to board Attention: The upper layer of each step necessarily places bricks along the width of the step When the construction is completed, measures must be taken Protect steps from short
circuit. In case construction does not smooth, need to wait until mortar has completed
shrinkage before proceeding circuit made of cement mortar in a ratio of 1: 3
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3/ Calculate the steps
Stair construction also has its certain principles. Since the time In the 
past, the staircase was understood to be 3 more steps between home and
garden. However, In modern society, tiers are usually constructed from 5
to 9 steps following the "Heaven - Earth - People" rule of heaven and
earth. Depending on the construction build or age, the fate of the owner
that people choose other steps together. Indoor stairs or public buildings
are usually built constructed in odd numbers to fit the theory of yin and
yang and travel habits of Vietnamese people. That is the Vietnamese often
step right when going up, step is odd, later That when the last step will
be left foot for pros. Step design is one odd numbers, not only suitable
for Vietnamese habits but also to ensure prosperity, luck and fortune.
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4/ Step size
A beautiful staircase is a harmonious staircase with the size of the house, the size of the 
garden and the distance from the garden to the hall. Depending on the characteristics
of the building, the size of the steps should be built accordingly. Common sizes are:
height from 15 - 18cm or 10 - 12cm, width from 20 - 30cm and length should be built
accordingly length of the lobby. Especially when building, we need to pay attention to
safety factors. How to design the steps not to be missed, not to be missed? This is even
more necessary for families with old people and young children kids.
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