Cut specifications
Kim Long Phu is equipped with a modern CNC cutting machine and a 
team of skilled workers, ensuring precise cutting according to
customer requirements, low loss rates, sharp quality with processing
time. Quick execution and the most competitive price on the market.
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Cut specifications

Cutting the marble with a hand-held cutting machine at the construction site will create a very loud noise and a lot of dirt affecting customers,  which results in a loss of construction 
time, high loss rates, and uneven cutting lines. to the quality of construction works. At the same time moving large slap rocks to the building is also difficult, dangerous and very easy
to break. To overcome these limitations, we should process the stone cutting at the workshop before bringing it to the construction site. To best meet the needs of customers, Kim Long
Phu has equipped with modern CNC cutting machines, ensuring absolute accuracy. CNC cutting machine uses infrared as a standard measure, is operated completely automatically.
After setting the measurement and size information required by the customer, the machine will operate automatically to produce products with absolute precision and sharpness on each
cutting stroke.
By cutting the Granite specifications with an accurate, fast, clean and beautiful industrial cutting machine, customers will save time, cost and ensure aesthetic quality when installing
and executing. at the construction site . We receive Cut Size processing according to all requirements of customers with the most competitive prices on the market. ------------------- 
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