wool wall
General introduction about wool walled marbleA complete project with 
the enthusiasm of homeowners and engineers. So the small details in
the house also need careful investment and preparation. We cannot
ignore small details but contribute to perfecting the beauty of the
building like wool. Currently, customers have many choices of wool
such as wood wool, ceramic wool, plastic wool, granite wool ...
Each type of wool wall material will have its own advantages. About
granite wall wool have the following outstanding features:
- Granite is a natural stone formed by the metamorphism of limestone,
carbonate or dolomite. The process of metamorphic re-crystallization
of these sedimentary rocks to form interlaced rock crystal veins.
Because of its crystalline structure, Granite has high hardness, low
permeability, can be paved in locations with scratch, abrasion, lower
cost than marble, easier to execute because of less fracture, batch
should be evaluated high and choose to make wool in the constructions.
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- Wool wall marble with the following outstanding advantages: + Hardness, high strength: Granite has a hardness only after diamond in natural materials. In addition, they are also
capable of withstanding high temperatures and under great pressure.
 + High gloss, aesthetics: It is capable of maintaining a high gloss over time. Granite has many colors along
with natural ridges that make the stone surface outstanding and luxurious.
 + Safe to use: Granite is a natural product, does not contain toxic chemicals, at the same time, the stone
density is high and the porosity is low, bacteria cannot penetrate.
 + Suitable for large areas: Large rock, limiting the joint, increasing the aesthetic for architectural space. +
Easy to clean, maintain: The surface of the soccer ball is hard to scratch, so the stains can be easily cleaned to help maintain the beauty of the stone surface over time.
 + In
addition: with the characteristics of a natural stone, the patterns, patterns on the marble so also bring natural beauty.
 Specifications wool wall marble Granite wall wool has 2
types: whole wall wool and compound wall wool.

Specification of marble for making common wool wall:  + Height range: 90mm - 100mm.  + Length about: 60 -1800mm.  + Thickness: about: 15mm.  Depending on the taste and
aesthetics, customers can change the specifications of the granite wall wool accordingly.
  At khodahoacuong.vn also provide wool walls, sandstone, white sand, white mountain wiping
thin thickness on request, luminous paint (luminescent in the dark) is an extremely eye-catching and interesting new point.
 Application of wool marble wall The granite wall tiles use
the under-wall tiles to decorate, along the foot of the stairs, the ceiling. In most homes, corporate offices use wool to:
 - Cover the connection between the wall and the floor because
not always during the construction process of the wall and floor fit snugly and straight.
- Wall wool protects the wall from scratches, these tiles will create a cushioning distance
between the wall and the furniture. Without them, desks, shelves or vacuum cleaners ... will rub against the wall, causing peeling paint, abrasive loss of aesthetics and aesthetics
for the entire room. Cause wear and tear in the process of using furniture and houses. - Covering the disadvantages of walls and faults during construction. In addition, the wall
area is also a place to hide electrical wires and other cables in the house to prevent them from becoming entangled and unsightly. - Prevent moisture and moisture in the rainy
days, effect on the floor spreading to the wall, causing stains, moss, mold.
-Normally, the dirt on the floor is easy to clean, but during cleaning, brooms or mop can stain the
walls of the walls over extended periods of time. Therefore, the marble wall will create a barrier, protecting the wall from the effects of weather and dust. With good quality
materials, marble will effectively waterproof, prevent rainwater from seeping and depositing at the foot of the wall. At the same time, the marble surface is also easy to clean,
so it always keeps the shine and cleanliness as well as minimizes the impact causing peeling and peeling of paint on the walls, causing a beauty. - Wall coverings can be used as
decorative details for the house, contributing to the aesthetics of the room. Previously, the walls were decorated with simple  monotonous and boring wall paint, now the marble
skirting has created home accents and personalities.