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Interior construction design

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Why should you use natural granite for your beloved home?

Natural ganite stone has a unique pattern, super durable, hardness is only second to diamond. In addition, the stone is safe for health and has feng shui meanings to the homeowner.

Marble stone What should and should not be used

Marble, also known as marble - is a metamorphic stone from limestone, with a non-lamellar structure. The main composition of this stone is calcite (crystalline form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3); often used for statues,  decorative materials in buildings and many other applications.  

What is Onyx stone?

Onyx stone is a natural stone, belonging to the quartz stream. Rocks are formed by the decay of limestone combined with water. Along with the continuous transformation through the years in the ground to form a new stone.

Interesting things about granite that you do not know

Nowadays, granite is also widely used and used by many consumers around the world because of its luxurious beauty and very high durability. Rocks are not restricted by applications so they can be found everywhere in everyday life. However, not everyone understands them even in their own home....

Granite applications in modern constructions

Granite has long been used in construction fields. With advantages such as: Durable, easy to clean, colorful as well as surface design, reasonable price, today granite is almost present in buildings from large to small, from offices. buildings to households. Granite can be applied to many...

The properties of marble and values ​​enhance life

Did you know all about Marble? Because you're a shrewd buyer, what properties of Marble will always be in your mind? So you know because of their seeming disadvantages, they can be applied to make medicine, toothpaste, food for cattle, poultry ..., no? If you do not know or have not yet known,...

Why choose marble tiles for the facade

Nowadays, the use of marble for construction works, especially facades has become popular.