The most beautiful gray marble stone pattern on the market



Gray is the tone of tranquility but still very subtle and prominent. In interior and exterior design, gray marble is an impressive choice, making a gentle difference to the space. You are wondering the application of this stone like, there are impressive stone samples? The information in the article below will certainly be helpful to you!  

1. When should I use gray marble?

Đá marble xám được ứng dụng ra sao?

How is gray marble applied?

 When you think of gray, you will probably think of a cold, somewhat classic, cold color. In the building materials industry, gray marble has a long history. It is also considered a cultural material. This is a very popular stone line. The gray color of marble has an impressive gloss. The motifs are made from nature, creating a great elegance for this stone model. This is a stone model used for luxury structures. Especially the 5-star hotel, the expensive furniture such as the front, kitchen table. In addition, the gray of these marble patterns shines with confidence on the walls and floor. People also often use this stone for bathroom or kitchen table. The lines on the gray marble possesses unique, strange and extremely delicate beauty. Like other types of marble, gray marble has high hardness and very good heat resistance. It is capable of adapting to a variety of weather conditions. In particular, the great advantage that makes this stone so popular is its ability to suit different interior design styles.


2. The most beautiful gray marble stone pattern on the market Currently, gray marble stone products are exploited in nature quite a lot. In Vietnam market, there are some gray marble patterns which are very popular. They are considered the most beautiful stone samples on the market. Let's explore 3 of these unique rock patterns.   Wood gray marle This is a metamorphic rock formed by a change of limestone or dolomite rock. This color is due to the impurities in it. It is used in architecture and sculpture a lot.

Đá marble xám vân gỗ sở hữu nét đẹp độc nhất vô nhị Wood gray marble owns unique beauty

 The outstanding advantage of this stone is its high durability. In particular, it has excellent resistance to water and grease. Therefore, this type of stone could not be perfect for the floor, wall or kitchen, bathroom ...   Marble wooden coffee Among the gray marble stone products that are particularly popular in the market, it is impossible not to mention the marble wooden coffee stone. This type of biochemical rock has very high hardness and durability. The grain architecture of this rock pattern is rough to grain architecture. This stone model is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, stairs, tiling walls, etc.

Mẫu đá marble wooden coffee ấn tượng An impressive marble wooden coffee sample

 White Wood gray marble

Mẫu đá marble xám trắng vân gỗ đẹp mắt

Samples of white marble gray beautiful wood pattern

 This gray and white marble stone wood attracts attention at first sight. This stone is always shiny and has very high durability. This gray marble has large and small slabs. This material is widely applied to hotels, villas, houses ... It is also the perfect solution for interior flooring or walkways, corridors, stairs, bathrooms, balustrades, houses. shower… If you need to buy the highest quality gray marble stone products, please contact Kim Long Phu us. We are proud to be the No. 1 unit in the market, bringing customers the best quality marble samples. Kim Long Phu guarantees you the most impressive stone samples with the most competitive price on the market. Wish you have the best experience with the gray marble stone patterns we distribute!