What is Onyx stone?

By: Ken

Onyx stone

Characteristics of Onyx Stone
- Advantages Onyx stones have a special light penetration ability that no other stone has. Besides, unlike other stones, 
usually only deep, neutral colors. Onyx stones bring in themselves bright colors combined with multicolored stone veins.

Natural light piercing stones are affected by the environment. Therefore, after a long time of use, it is easy to crack,
break and be dangerous. Onyx light piercing stones are manufactured in strict process. Materials are calculated and
tested to limit the effects of climate. So durable, life expectancy is up to 15-35 years.Onyx stone has an outstanding
advantage of being bendable. Therefore, they fully meet the wonderful creativity of architectural works. From the lobby
panels to the soft curving curve.The light-penetrating stone has good water-proof and anti-moisture properties, less
prone to fouling. So cleaning is also easier.

Artificial light-piercing stone has a remarkable advantage in its ability to penetrate light. The customer is fully
active in choosing the degree when deciding on the thickness of the sheet. The thickness is adjustable from 6-20mm
depending on the needs

- Defect
In addition to the above advantages, light-penetrating Onyx stones still have the disadvantage of being soft, brittle 
and cracked.
Onyx stone in feng shui conception In the quartz stream rocks. Onyx stone is considered the most perfect product of
"natural mother".
In Greek, the word "Onyx" means "Foundation". It means jade, agate, and white jade. From the origin of the name, it
seems to be somewhat mysterious, magical of this stone. The special thing is that this stone has a special color is
that its composition does not contain a lot of mineral crystals that are good for human health. Therefore, Onyx stone
is used by ancient people in feng shui, worshiping rituals and not sickness.

From a scientific perspective, based on the physical and chemical properties of Onyx piercing light. Scientists think
they have a beneficial effect on the treatment related to nerves, digestion and organs. According to the medical
community, they also work to reduce stress, relieve pain and balance emotions.

Onyx stone in modern interior architecture
With natural beauty bring warm warm colors. Colorful stone pattern combined with special light penetration. Onyx stone 
is often used to decorate interior and exterior architectures that need to attract attention such as: facing facades,
lobbies, paving corridors, and counters ... However, because of the rarity as well as the expensive price. red, but
they are only used in luxurious, sophisticated positions to create accents for the entire space.
Today, in order to meet the increasing demands of the architecture that people create artificial Onyx stones, also
known as artificial piercing stones. The advantage is reasonable price, the thickness can be as thin as 6mm to 20mm or
thicker. Colors vary, but still mostly the colors white pearl, yellow, turquoise - characteristics of the natural onyx
line. Better durability, easy construction.

Onyx stone in front desk decoration
How to build Onyx Stone? Stone can be cut into panels, assembled together into large architectural pieces such as partitions, corridors, reception
hall. In addition, can also be divided into small sheets. Or small bars to form decorative mosaic-style cubes. Mosaic
artifact is often applied in bathroom architecture, dining room, ..

Here are some notes when executing this stone line:

Allowable expansion temperature level: 0.4mm / 10 degrees Celsius Do not touch the rock when the temperature is over 80 degrees C. Do not place anything above 100 degrees C, for no more
than 1 minute will not cause damage. Do not repeat that action. Can be used as shower walls, except for saunas. It is
possible to make counter tops, but be careful to avoid the points mentioned above. Materials may change color, varnish
and may crack. Exposure to UV radiation: This stone is not suitable for excessive or long-term effects of UV radiation.
The original color may fade or turn yellow. However, it is still possible to use outdoor décor.Avoid using the stone
plate as a large horizontal plane without supportive objects. Width of about 650mm is max. The lower the width, the
greater the bearing capacity.
Radial light penetrates on the glass - different expansion coefficient, please check
before installation. And acrylic sheet is equivalent. In case of upright panels, the edge of the sheet where the perpendicular surface contact may be bent, the worst case may
crack pay extra attention during shipping process due to its brittle, brittle and cracking characteristics, construction
and transportation are difficult and costly. Therefore, they are usually arranged in fixed positions, reinforced with wooden
frames, racks or frames of steel or transparent glass. Besides, due to the characteristics of light penetration, it should
be noted when installing the internal projection system, to avoid being exposed causing unsightly aesthetics.