Top 5 beautiful and impressive marble table patterns

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Granite countertops not only appear in the small kitchen, but also the living room table recently used this stone with unique, novel motifs, bringing a sense of modernity.   Advantages of using marble table: The remarkable advantages of granite is the reason families love it so much Good heat resistance The outstanding advantage of granite countertops is its high heat resistance. Especially, when using a marble table in the kitchen, where often have to cook, use a lot of heat, the marble table is not changed or affected. So can ensure safety when used High water resistance and waterproofing Granite is highly water resistant because of its texture. Therefore, when sticky water table marble, with this ability can prevent the formation and development of molds and harmful bacteria.Easy to cleanBecause of its waterproof and smooth stone surface, it is easy for you to clean the granite countertops. With just a little detergent and towel, the table will immediately become clean, shiny

5 impressive marble countertops 2020

Granite countertops Colonial White

This Indian granite has the outstanding color, delicate texture of silvery white or silver gray with black spots flying on the surface not too thick looking very elegant, easy to combine with. other furniture such as stairs, kitchen tables, lavabo, ...


Bàn đá hoa cương Granite Colonial White Colonial White Granite countertops


Granite countertops pattern ivory

Made from natural stones Ivory Fantasy imported from Brazil, this stone is favored because of its charming beauty when it comes to architectural works. The ivory pattern gives a sense of nobility. This is also a marble table model that many architects choose because not only is it luxurious beauty, this stone pattern is also very easy to combine with furniture. The granite countertops in the ivory veins themselves stand out, so even though standing next to other normal furniture, the overall look is very harmonious and beautiful.

Bàn đá hoa cương Granite vân ngà voiGranite granite countertops

 Granite table top model Prada Gold

This type of Granite is mainly mined from India, so it is reasonably old. Granite Prada has many colors such as pink, orange, ... but the most popular color is yellow. The large black and gray textured blocks impress you, creating a unique beauty for your room. Those who are destined for gold with gold, this is a stone table model that is worth your consideration


Bàn đá hoa cương Granite Prada Gold

Granite Countertop Prada Gold

 Sample Antico Cream Granite

With very natural yellow and brown spots, Antico Cream Granite is not only used for granite countertops but also used to make backsplashes, waterfall stones, ... for the whole family. When used as a table, this stone model gives a clean, modern feel to the space


Một mẫu bàn đá hoa cương Antico-White-Granite

An Antico-White-Granite granite countertops

 Black Forest marble table pattern

This is a stone sample imported from Germany with mysterious black mixed with strong ivory streaks, like blizzards. This is said to be a hidden power stone, ideal for all interior projects, stairs, floors and exterior, fountains, pools, window sills ...


Mẫu bàn đá hoa cương Black Forest

Black Forest marble table pattern

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