The marble tiles facing the most beautiful facade today

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1. Why should facing marble stone facades? Marble cladding is the top choice for decorating facades and is considered by experts to be the most beautiful compared to other materials. With elegant colors, natural beauty, marble is often used to decorate and highlight the home, especially in the front of the house. In addition, it also has to mention the durability over the years, no fading, contributing to cost savings compared to the use of outdoor facade paint.

Ốp Đá marble giúp cho căn nhà sang trọng hơn hẳn.

Marble Stone Cladding makes the house more luxurious.

With its popularity, marble facades have been a trend in architectural design for many years now. Depending on the color, stone material will give the home the luxury, beauty and different feel.

2. Marble stone quotation Here, Kim Long Phu Co., Ltd would like to send to customers the quotation of marble stone facades construction 2 most accurate for reference. Note: The marble stone quotation below is inclusive of stone price and accompanying construction services. We are committed to keeping the price as the website has given, no additional costs during the construction process. Please see the detailed quotation of marble stone facades.

3. The most beautiful marble tiles: Kim Long Phu would like to send to you the marble samples are considered the most beautiful in the year: MARBLE CALACATTA STONE - considered a popular stone pattern worldwide, the design honored over time is never outdated. In particular, the bright contrast on the white background, brings a sense of life to the house.

Đá marble Calacatta phổ biến trên toàn thế giới

Calacatta marble is popular all over the world

Arabescato Vagli - belongs to the group of white stones with the main background of gray-white color with large and small veins alternating into diverse shapes.

 Arabescato Vagli – thuộc nhóm đá trắng

Arabescato Vagli - belongs to the white stone group

Panda White Marble - this is the result of a process of transforming from stone. Marble often varies in color, texture and is natural.

Đá Marble Panda White

Panda White Marble is used in many house items  

Marble Spider White is known as the most durable and luxurious natural material. In addition to making facades, White Spider Spider home decoration is also used in apartments, luxury apartments, villas, ..Đá Marble Spider White  đẹp sang trọng

Marble Spider White is beautiful and luxurious

Marble Scorpio - the color of Marble Scorpio makes the house more luxurious.Sự sang trọng của đá Marble Scorpio

The luxury of Marble Scorpio

4. Where should marble tiles be? Marble is so familiar to many people because it has been widely applied. Highly aesthetic and more eye-catching than granite, marble cladding is nothing new and is also applied in many categories such as: Front: the most important face of the whole house. We can easily recognize many houses today are facing marble stone facades. Just beautiful overall house has just saved you the cost of repainting the facade every year. Dining table, sofa table, tea table: the most luxurious, easy to clean, polish, the color of marble varies so it can be suitable to any room.Bàn đá ốp marble

Marble stone table

Living room: where we receive guests daily, our friends or our valued guests. So the marble tiles in this position is very important and a wise choice. ...

5. Process and method of marble tiles The criteria set by Kim Long Phu Co., Ltd. is to bring customers complete satisfaction, so when customers receive marble tiles in Kim Long Phu, they can trust the construction process at the company: - B1: Receive information - B2: Building survey - exchange and consult customers - B3: Quantitative estimates, quotes and quotes - B4: Negotiate and sign contracts - B5: Construction works - B6: Acceptance of construction - B7: Liquidation and warranty of works

6. Address marble stone prestige, cheap Currently, Kim Long Phu Co., Ltd. is a supplier of all kinds of imported marble, high-class marble and prestigious marble tiles. Many customers come to Kim Long Phu to feel satisfied, the ability, design and progress that Kim Long Phu brings. Come to Kim Long Phu to feel the difference and bring luxury to your home with marble stone facades.