Luxury, modern white marble 2020 models

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Using white marble stone always helps your work become more impressive and luxurious. Therefore, this is always a product that many people choose today.   When should I use white marble? In modern construction, white marble is an indispensable material, especially for large projects. This is a metamorphic rock from limestone so it has full of features: porous, absorbent, high hardness and good durability. Therefore, this stone has many applications but mainly for making floors and decorations.


Đá marble trắng có rất nhiều ứng dụng

White marble has many applications

 There are two main types of white marble: natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone is trusted by many families because of its bright colors, unique and strange natural patterns that bring the perfect beauty to the house. Not only that when using this stone to make the space airy, luxurious ... can be used for buildings with classical and modern architecture. For first-time white marble users will wonder which items should be used for the best performance. According to construction experts, you should use this stone for the following items:Living room: Because the living room is the most important place of the house, it shows the personality of the owner. Because white marble with bright colors, high aesthetics can make wall tiles. This will be a highlight, creating a good impression for guests or friends.Front or lobby: With the characteristics of high gloss, you should also use this stone for the lobby, the front of the house will bring elegant beauty, creating an airy space. It is worth noting that, for a longer life of the stone, it is necessary to have a roof, to avoid direct contact with rain, sun ...Stairs, stairs, elevators: For large projects: offices, commercial centers ... the use of white marble stone to clad stairs, elevators will bring very good aesthetic effect. Moreover, this stone is easy to sympathize with customers.


Sự sang trọng của gian bếp đến từ đá marble trắng

The elegance of the kitchen comes from white marble

 Kitchen countertops: Because this stone is bright, easy to clean, and hygienic, many families choose to make kitchen tables. Not only that, with pure white color will brighten the kitchen space, giving you a new inspiration when cooking.

The most beautiful white marble stone samples on the market On the market today there are a variety of white marble but there are some types that are widely trusted:  

1. Italian white marble Italy is famous for its white marble lines. This type of stone has bright colors and outstanding durability, so it is very popular in Vietnam market. In addition, the high content of calcium carbonate and minerals makes this stone highly durable. Typically, this type of stone used to make false ceilings, kitchen tiles, bathrooms ... Currently, there are many lines of Italian marble: Calacata, Arabescato, Volakas, turquoise white ...

Nhiều người tin dùng loại đá marble trắng Ý

Many people believe in Italian white marble

 2. Vietnamese white marble As a country with many natural quarries, white marble stones originating from Vietnam are also highly appreciated. The advantage of this type is high gloss, less scratches, less wear and good water resistance.


Màu trắng tinh khôi của đá marble trắng từ Việt Nam

The pristine white of white marble from Vietnam

3. Nghe An salt white marble Another option for those who are intending to use marble is Nghe An salt white stone. The clear and cool colors of this stone make the beauty of the building luxurious. In addition, with a simple white color, you can also combine with furniture to create a total beauty. Compared with other stones, this stone has moisture resistance, waterproofing, good bearing capacity ... so it is often used to make floors.  

4. Panda white marble

Những đường vân độc đáo của đá marble trắng Panda

The unique pattern of Panda white marble

 The special feature of Panda white marble is beautiful lines, like the pictures of water-color paintings, very beautiful. This stone is suitable for flooring living room floor - brings elegant beauty, creating a cozy space.