Top 5 latest brown brown marble 2020

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Should use brown marble when? Not having bright colors like white marble, brown marble is very suitable for buildings with classical and neoclassical architecture. rustic of the owner.


Đá marble nâu màu sắc trang nhã mang lại không gian sang trọngElegant brown marble with luxurious space

 Bearing all the characteristics of marble, marble with high durability, good gloss, and sharp, unique patterns, so it can be used in many items. Living room floor: For classical style buildings, you should use brown marble for flooring. The elegant brown color will bring a cozy atmosphere and it is also very suitable for this stylish furniture. In addition, this stone also has bright colored lines striking on the brown background will be the dashing strokes that make the living room even more vivid. Kitchen table: With outstanding advantages compared to other stones, brown brown marble is often used as a kitchen table because of its good heat resistance, high fire resistance will limit the risk of fire and explosion.


Loại đá này thường được sử dụng cho các công trình lớn

This stone is often used for large constructions


Besides, construction experts recommend that this stone has many types of works: resorts, offices, hotels ...

 The most beautiful brown marble stone pattern on the market With high applicability, is trusted by many users, so on the market today there are many types of brown marble. However, there are some types that stand out for their good quality and aesthetics.

1. Indian brown marble For those who love the luxurious style, classic should choose brown marble stone originating from India. This stone is dark brown with striking white veins. In addition, alternating with the lines are the black accents with diverse shapes. With this color is very suitable to tangent stairs, just to ensure aesthetics just easy to clean, clean. In addition, you can use Toronto Brown brown marble for outdoor works. The soft stone veins, in the same direction with the smooth up and down lines, feel like a water painting.  

2. Spanish brown marble This is a famous stone line recognized by many countries in the world for quality. In Vietnam, Spanish brown marble is used in important projects such as restaurants, hotels ... Because it is formed from a variant limestone, it has outstanding advantages in terms of durability and heat resistance. The special feature of this stone is that there are many shades of color, but mainly brown and warm brown color gamut: Dark Emperador, Amani Bronze marble ...

Đá marble nâu Tây Ban Nha nổi tiếng thế giới

Spain famous brown brown marble

3. Pakistan brown marble As one of the world-famous brown marble stones because of the crisp white and gold veins on the mysterious black background will surely bring the building a luxurious beauty. The warm-colored lines also bring a warm, closer atmosphere so they are often used in the kitchen.

Những đường vân tinh tế của đá marble nâu Pakistan

Delicate lines of Pakistani brown marble


4. Turkey brown marble The color of this line is light brown, warm and suitable for its owner. In addition, the elegant color of this brown marble bottom also makes it easier to combine with the furniture, creating the most suitable total space. This is also a new option for you in today's new trend.  

5. Chinese brown marble


Màu sắc sang trọng từ đá marble nâu Trung Quốc

Luxurious color from Chinese brown marble


Compared to brown marble, this stone is more competitive. On the black background, small lines and golden highlights. This stone is often used for tiling in the kitchen, the bathroom feels warm and close.