Black marble - the first choice of works

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There are many different types of stones on the market, but black marble is always the top choice of many constructions and households because of its durability, beauty, and long-term use. People use black marble stone not only for making kitchen stone but also for casting statues, making flower tiles and bringing satisfaction to customers.


Đá marble đen là sự lựa chọn của nhiều công trình hiện nay

Black marble is the choice of many current works


1. When should I use black marble? As a typical stone with veins throughout, durable, beautiful, aesthetic, good-looking, even an expression of power, strength and elegance, black marble is recommended for use in the following cases:   - Floors: Black marble is the choice of many homeowners when tiling floors by the rich elegance of black inherent. The black stones above will create an elegant level and contrast very nicely with the bright colored walls.

Đá marble đen giúp sàn nhà trở nên sang trọng và thanh lịch

Black marble helps the floor become luxurious and elegant


- Wall: Many people think that black will bring gloominess and boredom, but if you try to use it to wall, you will see that it is completely the opposite. You can not imagine the beautiful black Marble will make the room become so luxurious and powerful. The problem is that you need to use light colors for other decorative elements.


Phòng tắm trở nên sang trọng nhờ đá marble đen

The bathroom became luxurious thanks to black marble


- Tables: The tables are covered with black marble stone will bring aristocratic style and professionalism. This is why many high-class restaurants choose this stone for natural black marble tables that bring a distinctive style and a distinctive level of class.  

- Table top: It's interesting when you see every color of food while cooking. On a black table, you will be able to recognize each color easily, which will help you a lot while preparing some delicious meals.


Mặt bàn bằng đá marble đen sẽ giúp món ăn thêm ngon hơn
 The surface of black marble stone will make the dish more delicious


- Accessories: A black marble accessory will change the whole look of the room. As you can see in the picture, a black Marble jewelry box creates contrast with a light palette and looks very luxurious.  

- Swimming pool: Black marble tiles will look very cool with the green of nature. You can feel the luxurious atmosphere even if you like to swim.  

In addition, you can also use in some other cases such as yard decoration, garden ...

2. The most beautiful black marble stone samples on the market   Here are the top beautiful black marble samples in the market in 2019-2020 that we collected, you can refer to the right choice for your home:  

2.1. Hobotobo Marble


Đá MARBLE HOBOTOBO xuất xứ Italia

MARBLE HOBOTOBO stone from Italy


Describe Product's name Product code Size Thickness Material Marble Hobotobo MT-EBL11006 60 × 200, 60 × 300 (cm) 1.6 / 1.8 / 2cm Natural Marble   Characteristics:   - Marble is a biochemical stone, hard and durable, with a rough to grain architecture, rich in colors (dark pink, dark ...).   - Marble is applied in many places indoors and outdoors, stairs, lobby, tables and chairs or tiling walls ...  

2.2. Eurostone Ocean Marble


Đá Marble Eurostone Ocean xuất xứ Italia Eurostone Ocean Marble is made in Italy

 Eurostone Ocean Marble is known as the most durable and luxurious natural material often used in particularly important constructions such as citadels, castles, palaces, kings and nobles. ethnic, religious constructions. The great works must mention the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman arena, ... The longevity of these works over thousands of years of history is the clearest evidence for the durability and value of natural stone. . Nowadays, along with the development of science and technology with modern machines, facilities and equipment, the exploitation, processing and application of natural stone have become easier and more popular.


2.3. Negro Marquina Marble


Đá Marble Negro Marquina xuất xứ Spain

Negro Marquina Marble made in Spain

 Negro marquina marble is the result of metamorphism from limestone creating the crystallization of calcium minerals and dolomite crystals. Marble often varies in color, texture and is natural. Marble is often covered with indoor items such as floors, toilets, counters, countertops ... However, in reality, granite or black marble can cover all construction items, not images. What is the effect regarding hardness, color ...  

2.4. Marble black yellow italia


Đá Marble đen xuất xứ italia

Black Marble originating from italia

 Marble black yellow italia is the result of metamorphism from limestone creating the crystallization of calcium minerals and dolomite crystals. Marble often varies in color, texture and is natural. Marble is often covered with indoor items such as floors, toilets, counters, countertops, etc. However, in fact, granite or marble can cover all construction items, without affecting. What is involved in hardness, color ...  

2.5. Marble Laurent Black and Gold


Đá Marble Laurent Black and Gold xuất xứ Tunisia

Marble Laurent Black and Gold from Tunisia

 Weight / Weight (kg / cm3): 2456 - Compressive strength (kg / cm3): 1674 - Flexural strength (kg / cm3): - Abrasion resistance: - Dehumidification rate (%): - Coefficient of thermal expansion (mm / m oC): -  

2.6. Black Royal Marble


Đá Marble Black Royal xuất xứ ChinaMarble Black Royal made in China


Black wood is a type of black marble mined in China and is also known as Black Hematite Stone. Marble is the natural stone you need to improve your design and will only give you the highest quality slabs.  

2.7. Wooden Marble Black

Đá Marble Wooden Black xuất xứ China Marble Wooden Black made in China


Black marble can be used for the following items: Flooring Facade facades Tiling stairs Walling Kitchen Stone table Lavabo cladding ...  

8. Silver Wave Marble


Đá Marble Silver Wave xuất xứ Idian

Silver Wave Marble Origin Idian


Silver black marble has a mysterious and noble black gloss, adorned with ripples of silver with rippling silver to create a sense of standing in front of an evening beach with abundant waves. With extremely special colors symbolizing sustainability, enduring forever, bringing reliable peace, arousing life energy, inspiring and passion for the owners in every moment of touch and look.   If you want to consult and order Black Marble, please contact the following address:   Kim Long Phu Company Limited   Office: mezzanine floor, An Phu Plaza building, 117-119 Ly Chinh Thang, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City Processing workshop: 3/16 Đông Thạnh 7-2, Xã Đông Thạnh, Hóc Môn District, TP. Ho Chi Minh Hotline: 0903 077 654 (Anh Lap)