Things to know about Marble

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1. What is marble? Marble, high-grade marble, also known as marble, is metamorphosed from limestone. Often used in buildings or as a decoration material in homes. With high aesthetics, marble contributes to enhance the elegance of the home and is also used to make marble tables.

Đá Marble màu xanh rễ cây hình thành từ những khối đá vôi
Marble green roots formed from limestone blocks

2. Advantages and disadvantages of marble? Marble does not have the hardness as high as granite, but with high aesthetics, one of the highlights of the product is its beautiful and vivid colors. This type of stone is porous, soft and more absorbent than Granite, so when processing, it needs to be treated thoroughly, otherwise it will be easy to absorb later, get dirt and lose the original color. head. Fragile and hard to find similar products, the construction surface also becomes more difficult. However, with luxurious beauty and elegance, the construction or processing of marble stone brings elegance and elegance very special for the house. Marble is often used widely with natural beauty and is difficult to duplicate, always consistent with the aesthetic requirements in architecture as well as feng shui construction.

3. Process of construction and processing marble stone The process of construction, processing marble stone is not too complicated. Prepare tools and ground: + Preparation: Glue + Construction tools: - Positioning tools: Theodolite or plumb line, choose metal plumbs with pointed and heavy points. Manual cutting machine - Horizontal positioning tools: leveling machine, laser machine or water balance tube. Other tools: Rubber hammer, water meter, aluminum ruler 2m.

Đá hoa cương màu be được khai thác tại Thổ Nhĩ KỳBeige granite is mined in Turkey

Marble stone construction process. Step 1: Arrange and position the bedrock. Locate each stone then locate the first stone Step 2: Prepare the glue or mortar supplies. Mix the glue and check the flatness of the floor, make sure the floor is not rough or there are objects attached, the glue is 3-6 mm. Apply glue to the back of the stone and floor. Step 3: Close the paving stone. Place the stone on the mortar, use the hammer (rubber hammer) to close it. Check the stone height, consistency, and consistency of the glue layer. From the first stone continue to mount the next stones in sequence. Step 4: Rub and clean. After paving the entire floor, wait until the mortar is dry, then proceed to grout. Clean the whole area before taking over.

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5. Notes when using marble Before application of marble or marble table, make sure the surface of the wall is free of dirt, grease, and any impurities. Quickly place the stone in the position to be glued after spreading the glue on. Gently press the stone tablet firmly to keep it steady and the glue all over the back of the stone.

 Đá marble cao cấp khiến ngôi nhà trở nên sang trọng hơnHigh quality marble makes the house more luxurious

In the process of gluing, do not allow the glue layer to make the film (to be set) to affect the adhesive ability of the glue. Waterproofing the cut lines

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