Samples of beautiful marble tiles staircase 2020

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Stairs are an important and indispensable part of a house, big or small. Besides being used to connect floors or floors, they also have a decorative purpose. A beautifully constructed staircase will contribute to give the overall home a bright highlight. If you are looking for the right material to clad your stairs. So, try to consult the latest marble tiles facing the latest stairs!

Có nên dùng đá hoa cương ốp cầu thang cho nhà ở hay không?

Should marble tiles be used for houses or not?

 The advantages when using marble tiles Why do we want to introduce you about the marble line when applying stair tiles? Because, this type of stone possesses many advantages suitable for tiling constructions. Specifically: Features durable, strong, good bearing to create a sense of stability for the home. There are many types, colors and patterns. The stone has a long service life, is easy to clean and preserve. Marble tiles staircase is also considered to bring prosperity, good feng shui for homeowners.   The most beautiful marble tiles facing stairs 2020 The market does not lack staircase materials, but the most typical is marble. Because, they have a reasonable price, they are diverse in patterns, patterns, colors. You can choose from the following popular templates:

 1. Granite staircase Granite River Pink Granite River Pink has rich colors and unique pink veins. When lining this stone staircase, your home will be an impressive picture of the color palette. In addition, they also have high bearing capacity, limited penetration, so are very popular.  

2. Granite granite Granite - Granite is known as a widely available product. Not only staircases, they are also applied in many other places in the house. With the advantages of diverse colors, beautiful stone pattern, durable features, glossy, ... Granite is also the line you should not ignore.  

3. Kim Sa bran stone Kim Sa bran has attractive, luxurious black that creates an impressive impression right from the first meeting. Therefore, they are commonly used in households, even companies, workshops. And, people often tiles this stone staircase to enhance the beauty of the house.  

4. An Khe black granite Also a luxurious and polite black stone stream, An Khe black granite has originated from Binh Dinh. Cheap price, beautiful colors and highlights, this stone is also an ideal choice. With shiny black slate background combined with contrasting white skirting. Certainly, the connecting space in your home will be more classy.

Màu đen phối cùng chân ốp trắng tạo nên vẻ đẹp tương phản mà sang trọngBlack and white-lined legs create a contrasting beauty that is luxurious

 5. Gucci Black Marble The most popular design stone staircase marble is Gucci Black. A product from nature with strong and rich colors. With a combination of many colors: black, yellow, white, gray, Gucci Black will be extremely new when tiling. They make the house more modern and sophisticated in many styles.  

6. Paradiso Classic This marble pattern is very suitable for romantic and nostalgic style houses. Desert pink from India will make your living space more impressive and classic. Paradiso Classic stone is also very durable and hard to meet external forces.  

7. Blue Jade Although rarely used and very rare, but with the characteristic blue, Blue Jade when tiled again makes people admire the overall. Especially the houses that love neoclassical style.

 8. Binh Dinh gold stone The marble line originates from the martial arts land of Binh Dinh. This stone has a very rich and classic dark yellow color. If you tangle the stone staircase of Binh Dinh with brown stone on both sides. Well, the staircase will look solid and give a more spacious feel.  

9. Golden Storm If you love the beauty of mixing modern and classic, Golden Storm is a great idea. They are aristocratic yellow and have a unique stone pattern, creating a very Vintage space. You can combine with wooden handrails to add aesthetics to the space.

Vẻ đẹp nhẹ nhàng mà ấn tượng của đá hoa cương ốp cầu thang Golden Storm

The gentle yet impressive beauty of granite tiling the Golden Storm staircase

 10. Black Cam Marble of India With black colors and tiny white particles, speckled on the surface, Indian Black Bran is suitable for all tiling positions, not just for stairs. They create a natural and luxurious look that is extremely durable and strong. In addition, you can refer to more marble patterns with clear illustrations at: okay!  

The note when choosing marble facade Facade of course is referring to the location most people look at. Therefore, when choosing construction marble, you should pay more attention. Here are a few notes to help you make the most accurate choice: Typically, the facade is most affected by weather. So, choose a durable and waterproof stone. This is also a place where many people pay attention, so choose colorful, aesthetic stones. Researched carefully to apply, they meet the issues: hygiene, overall aesthetics and durability, general area, ...

Mặt tiền hay cầu thang là vị trí được chú ý nhiều nên rất cần tính thẩm mỹThe front of the stairs or stairs is a place that gets a lot of attention, so it needs aesthetics

 Quotation of marble tiles for stairs Depending on the type of marble staircase you choose, there will be different prices. You can refer to the price list of some typical products of Kim Long Phu Company:  

Name marble tiles staircase - stairs Price (VND) Paradiso Classic Marble 6,000,000 Indian black granite 1,550,000 Blue Jade granite 2,200,000 Light yellow granite Binh Dinh 1,050,000 Address granite tiles for cheap stairs Kim Long Phu Company specializes in consulting and executing all construction works, including the marble staircase items.

This is a reputable and reliable address chosen by many customers today. Not only providing quality products and services, this facility also has a team of highly skilled staff. With many years experience in the field of construction stone, Kim Long Phu affirms to be the best destination for customers. All works completed by Kim Long Phu are always durable and bring absolute satisfaction. Want a more beautiful, luxurious and sophisticated home, go to Kim Long Phu. Above are the marble tiles facing stairs that are most popular. It is predicted that in 2020, they will be the leading products on the market. For more advice on product information you are interested in, please contact 0903.077.654!