Top 9 models of the most beautiful granite facade on the market in 2020

By: dahoacuongklp

Table of contents

1. Why should facing faceted granite?

2. Top 9 beautiful marble facades

3. The note when choosing marble facade

4. Granite surface facing construction process

5. Quarry marble facing   Choosing marble facades is always what makes many customers think. Because the facade is a factor to evaluate the beauty of a home. To help homeowners choose the appropriate facades granite, would like to send you the most beautiful granite samples on the market. Refer to the following stone samples surely you will get the right choice

Why should facing facades marble? As mentioned above, the facade represents the beauty of the house. Thereby, it is possible to assess somewhat the personality and interests of the owner. On the other hand, for a perfect beautiful building, there should be a combination of interior and facade. So using marble facade benefits? - If using the usual method of painting walls, you will have to spend on repairs and new paint every year to ensure the beauty of the house. But with marble facades, you will no longer worry about that problem anymore. This will save you money on home remodeling each year. - Besides, granite is a natural stone, with durability, hardness, high water resistance. Therefore, the house will also give you maximum protection against harmful agents from the environment. Top 9 beautiful marble facade models 1. Amadeus Granite stone This is a stone from Brazil with luxurious colors: dark blue background, white gold texture. The color of the stone will help your home to exude a luxurious and noble look


Vẻ đẹp sang trọng của dòng đá hoa cương mặt tiềnThe luxury beauty of the granite facade


Granite Azul Platino The pattern of this stone line is a combination of 2 colors: white and gray. Two gentle colors will help your home to be sophisticated and elegant


Dòng đá có thể sử dụng cho nhiều không gian

Ice lines can be used for a lot of space


Hassan Green granite This is one of the stone lines trusted by many customers because of the unique texture color: dark blue background and the highlight are tiny white dots.


Dòng đá được khai thác từ Ấn Độ

The stone is mined from India


Ruby Red Stone This type of stone promises to attract many consumers by striking red, brightening your home

 Dòng đá sở hữu gam màu nổi bậtThe stone possesses outstanding color

 Desert Red Rock If the Ruby red line above has a tiny dot pattern, the Desert Red line has the highlight of the wavy lines. The color of this stone line will match the homeowners of wood Moc or Kim.


Màu đỏ mang đến sự vui vẻ, sung túcRed brings joy and affluence

 British brown granite Overall this line is a deep brown color. This is the front line of granite that brings warmth and elegance to the house.


 Dòng đá không chỉ đẹp mà còn có chất lượng cao

The stone line is not only beautiful but also of high quality


Snow White This is a white background rock with gray, black minerals. Each stone will have different patterns, making a difference between the works.


Dòng đá phù hợp để sử dụng nội lẫn ngoại thất

The stone is suitable for both internal and external use

 Binh Dinh yellow stone This rock is formed from the pressure of the earth's crust and due to the volcanic eruption, it is highly appreciated for its hardness and durability. You can confidently use this granite facade without having to worry about the quality of the stone.

Dòng đá với màu vàng sang trọng, nổi bật

The stone line with a luxurious and striking yellow

 Black green nacre granite This is a facades of marble facades for high brightness and gloss. You can easily clean, clean your house always clean, shiny.


Gam màu tối đầy thu hút của đá xà xừ xanh đenAttractive dark colors of dark green sarong

 The note when choosing marble facade On the market there are many lines of marble facades with different characteristics and prices. If you are in the process of choosing a marble for a home, note the following: - Selecting high-hardness facades of marble facades: The facade area will be affected by many harsh elements from nature. Therefore, a high hardness stone will limit the deterioration of the facade. - Choose high strength stone: In addition to hardness, durability is the factor that you need to note next. Choosing high-strength stones will limit the repair and replacement, saving you money. - Choose stones with good water-repellency: Facade granite must be exposed to rain. Therefore, you should choose the stone lines with high water resistance and waterproofing capabilities to increase the use time of stone. - Selecting suitable stone colors: The color and pattern of marble facades need to match the overall work and interior colors. Since then can create harmonious beauty for the house.

The process of marble facing construction At, the granite frontal construction process is carried out according to the main steps as follows: - Receive inquiries, advise customers on the appropriate stone line - Actual survey and detailed quotes - Carry out construction according to the contract - Checking and acceptance of finished products after construction Quarry marble facade quotes To meet the maximum needs of customers, offers a variety of facades granite at different prices. You can refer to the detailed price list here. Hopefully will be accompanied to build your project