The most beautiful granite kitchen countertops in 2020

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Granite countertops are used quite commonly in Vietnamese families today. Beautiful, airy and spacious kitchen space will be one of the factors that make your family's meal more delicious and warm. Therefore, the selection of granite countertops is the right choice to "keep the fire" for the family home. Why should facing tiles kitchen surface? Known for its solid crystal structure, kitchen countertop has many other outstanding advantages that can knock away "rivals". - The hardness of granite countertops only behind the diamond so you can rest assured to show off the ability to cook without worrying about affecting the stone surface. - Durability: stone is able to withstand heat and pressure. Besides, the stone has good waterproofing, easy to clean. Therefore, kitchen countertop granite is considered to be extremely durable material with time. - Safety is an important factor with furniture, products used in kitchen space. In addition to the advantage of natural stone for kitchen countertops, stone has another advantage of low porosity. Therefore, this stone is non-toxic and minimizes the invasion of bacteria.

Top 10 beautiful granite countertops

1. White stone dragon's eye This is a type of marble, high hardness and durability, also diverse colors. Suitable for spaces using wall paint, white furniture. This will highlight the beauty of the granite counter top.

Đá hoa cương mắt rồng mang lại vẻ đẹp sang trọngDragon eye granite brings a luxurious beauty

2. Spanish white blue granite This stone pattern also bears the common characteristics of granite countertops. Although the stone is white, you will not have to worry if there is a stain on the stone surface. You just need to wash it gently, the kitchen surface will be shiny again.

Mẫu đá tạo cảm giác rộng rãi cho không gian bếp

The stone pattern creates a spacious feel for the kitchen space

3. Binh Dinh white marble This is a stone sample quarried in Vietnam. With black and gray, white background texture will help the kitchen stand out in the kitchen space.

Mẫu đá đang thu hút sự chú ý của nhiều khách hàng

Stone samples are attracting the attention of many customers

4. Bianco granite Torrichino This type of stone is used in many large projects such as castles, citadels, ... This also proves that this is a rock with high durability over time.

Dòng đá trường tồn với thời gian

The stone flows with time

5. Torrone granite This kitchen top marble pattern is mined from Brazil. Stone slabs have a combination of many tones: white, yellow, black, gray. Promise to bring you a unique, attractive kitchen space.

Đá hoa cương Torrone với họa tiết độc, lạ

Granite Torrone with unique and strange motifs

6. Fine yellow granite This is a rock pattern with a light yellow background, accentuated by dark-colored particles. Giving kitchen space beauty aristocratic, luxurious.

Họa tiết đặc sắc của đá hoa cương vàng MỹUnique motifs of American yellow granite

7. Tropical black granite This type of stone is mined in India. The beauty of this stone model is the combination of two main colors, black and white. This is also one of the most popular stones today.

Họa tiết đá như những dải cát trên sa mạcRock motifs like the sand in the desert

8. Paradiso Classic Marble This is a stone pattern with classic colors but still extremely impressive and attractive. The stone line is also known as desert rose marble

Cùng chiêm ngưỡng vẻ đẹp sự hòa trộn màu sắc của mẫu đá Paradiso ClassicAdmire the beauty of the color mix of Paradiso Classic stone pattern

9. Marble green Brazilian butterfly This stone has a very unique color, is a mix of cold blue and copper gold. The quality of this kitchen countertop granite is highly anti fouling. Suitable for use in kitchen spaces.

Màu sắc sang trọng, thu hút của dòng đá xanh bướm Brazil

Luxurious and attractive colors of Brazilian blue rock

10. Agatha Black granite The stone has a black background mixed with wavy gray lines, creating depth for space to use.

Dòng đá có họa tiết tinh tế, thu hútThe stone line has subtle and attractive motifs

How to choose the color of the marble face kitchen feng shui According to the concept of Asians in general and Vietnamese in particular, the choice of colors of furniture is important. And the color choice of kitchen countertop granite is no exception. One of the ways to choose marble colors is based on destiny. - The Kim homeowners should choose a kitchen with brown, white or iridescent marble patterns. - Homeowners of the Wood Destiny should prioritize the choice of blue tones: blue, green; and can create accents by hot tones such as orange, red or floral details. - Homeowners of Destiny can refer to the blue, black or white, gray. - Fire homeowners should choose the red, orange or green kitchen countertop marble samples and minimize the use of black. You can coordinate alternating rock face designs with alternating lines and diagonal lines. - The owner of the Earth Destiny will suit the yellow, brown and red colors. And should avoid using blue tones. About the shape, you can refer to the square, flat and many horizontal lines.

The process of construction tiles facing the kitchen Depending on the kitchen space, each family will have different ways of conducting stone tiles. However, usually the stone lining construction process will go through several main stages as follows: - Prepare materials and ground: Customers choose stones and designs based on the wishes and the advice of the counselor.

- Carry out measurements to mark the appropriate place of stone and wash basin.

- Create samples from cardboard or plywood to consider the suitability of the measurement step.

- Carry out the installation of the washbasin, and, at the same time, mark the location of the washbasin on the granite side to remove the stone in the basin position.

- Carry out the installation of granite countertops and fixed surfaces.

Quotations of marble tiles facing the kitchen The price list of granite tiles facing kitchen surfaces will change based on criteria such as the price of each stone, the area of ​​stone facing. So, for advice and specific quotes of each granite countertops, come to Here, we have a lot of stone samples to suit the conditions and requirements of each customer. See specific quotation here Your kitchen space will be changed to a new, more luxurious appearance by enthusiastic advice and long-term construction experience of our staff.