Summary of popular white granite samples 2020

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Today, white granite is widely used in civil works and buildings. White Granite is a great choice for those who love white. You will see how simple its classic beauty is. In addition, the white stone will highlight the surrounding space and make the background for other colors. Many architects say that white marble is a balanced beauty and starts a new idea. When should I use white granite? In construction and interior decoration today, white granite is used anywhere in the design of town houses, villas or large buildings such as buildings, hotels ... with many colors and unique stone pattern. Unique helps highlight the facade at first sight. The presence of white granite exudes a luxurious and aesthetic look, expressing the class of the building. White is the original color that originates for every color, showing cleanliness and purity. White granite gives the room, the architecture a freshness, full of energy, bringing elegant beauty and elegance. According to feng shui technique, white granite is the symbol of destiny Kim. Its feng shui energy is dry, bright, clean and fresh.


Nội thất sáng bừng với đá Granite trắng làm màu chủ đạo

Bright interior with white granite as the main color


The best white granite stone samples on the market   Porcelain White Granite Porcelain White Granite is made of natural stone powder after being pressed with superpower machine and some types of adhesive, with high strength and best strength, high abrasion resistance. The surface of the slab is absolute porcelain white and has no pattern or texture.


Mặt bàn đơn giản, hài hòa với sắc đá Granit trắng sứ

The table top is simple and harmonious with white porcelain granite


White Granite Streams Suoi Lau White Stone is luxuriously white and easy to mix in landscape and interior decoration, resistant to abrasion, acid-containing detergents, withstand bumps. We can see white granite wiping streams which are used in commercial buildings, sidewalks, campuses, pedestrian streets, parks ...

Mẫu đá Trắng Suối Lau hay thấy tại các khu thương mại

Samples of Suoi Lau White Stone are often found in commercial areas

 Binh Dinh White Granite Binh Dinh white granite is exploited in Phu My in Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. There are countless mountain ranges here that can exploit white stone such as: Mieu mountain, convex mountain, ... White stone with black and gray dots spreads the stone plate evenly and strikingly. Stone with high durability and low price has been very popular with customers in recent times.

Những chấm màu đen, xám trải đều và nổi bật

The black, gray dots are spread evenly and stand out

Indian White Granite Belonging to natural granite with strong and firm structure, resistant to high external force, Indian white granite has always been used for paving stairs or stairs ... Pure white becomes very personal by the free gray black panels on the background to create a funny effect for the viewer. When designing indoor furniture, this stone can be combined with all other colors in a harmonious manner.

Trắng Granite Ấn kết hợp với các màu khác hài hòa

White Granite Indian combines with other harmonious colors

 White Nacre Granite If you love the feeling of cool, pristine snowflakes in the winter end of the Norwegian season, the White Mother of Pearl Granite will bring you that refreshing feeling. Possessing white colors with white metallic light streaks, they are appreciated for their aesthetics. In addition, white granite with high gloss, good heat resistance is used by homeowners to tiling many items such as wall tiles, stairs, kitchen, dining tables ....

Đá Granite Trắng Xà Cừ mang đến cảm giác mát lạnh

Mother-of-pearl White Granite feels cool

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