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QUOTE DIAMOND STONE PRICE (GRANITE) PREMIUM What is granite (Granite)? Granite, also known as granite, is a stone formed from magma lava of volcanic cools. Granite has many special colors. Granite blocks are exposed on the ground in solid form and tend to be round and edged when weathered.


Dung nham núi lửa tôi luyện thành đá

The volcanic lava hardens into rock

Pros and cons of granite (Granite) Granite is waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, durable and beautiful. Granite is easy to clean, clean and always looks beautiful. The variety of colors facilitates the arrangement of marble everywhere while ensuring harmony overall architecture. Ensuring health when using, food safety and hygiene. However, granite is more expensive than other artificial stones. Design and construction issues also take longer.


Đá Granite dễ lau chùi, độ bóng bền đẹp Granite is easy to clean and durable

Quotation of marble (Granite) Size: Stone has many different sizes, resulting in their prices will also vary Color: The more popular colors the stone is, the price will be slightly better Rock veins: Beautiful and unique rock fringes will cost more than normal rocks Scarcity: Stones with high aesthetics and difficulty in mining, or their reserves are relatively small, the cost will be higher. View details Granite Price List.


Mỗi loại đá kiểu dáng khác nhau sẽ có giá khác nhau Different types of stone will have different prices

Using marble (Granite) for any item? Granite for flooring items: With good bearing properties, high strength, easy to clean, it is very suitable for use in tiling floors. And moreover, they are safe for the health of users. Marble is used for walling items in places with high humidity, or water-repellent, heat-resistant as bathrooms, kitchens. Granite colors are mainly colorful, diverse patterns. Therefore, you should minimize the interior details to have a harmonious space, avoiding distractions. Granite tiles staircase with high durability along with unique stone veins will make your house stairs look eye-catching and luxurious. Granite used in decorating kitchen countertops, washbasins, lavabo: For countertops such as kitchen countertops, dining tables, washbasins you need a heat-resistant, moisture-proof, waterproof, but durable stone, Diverse colors like Granite Marble used to tangent columns not only high aesthetics but also very durable, making the house more sure, more luxurious Marble tiles for exterior decoration such as decorative wall fences, external wall cladding ... can withstand the direct impact of the sun, harsh climate in Vietnam


Đá Granite phủ sóng mọi công trình kiến trúc nội ngoại thất

 Granite covers all interior and exterior constructions
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