Luxurious neoclassical villa in Dong Nai

Luxurious neoclassical villa in Dong Nai

Diamonds Kim Long Phu is a supplier and construction of high quality natural paving stones for Phuong Villa's works in Dong Nai. Villa with luxurious style, with accents of Marble Volakas, Indian Black Granite.Project information: New Classical Villa Investor: Anh Phuong Address: D3, KDC Đình Tân Lai, KP2, P. Buu Long, Tp. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Supplying and constructing stone company: Kim Long Phu Company Limited

Sales staff Kim Long Phu followed: Mr Pha

Technical staff of Kim Long Phu monitor and supervise: Mr. Thanh      

Phuong owns a lavish villa with neoclassical style in Dong Nai. Luxury and high-class style is what Kim Long Phu feels when he comes into contact with the project as well as Mr. Phuong   Although not using too much stone, Mr. Phuong chooses stones at essential positions, the highlight highlighting the entire home space.

 Step into the home space


Step into the home space is a stone staircase lying black Indian and white porcelain face is storming on the market today. True to the name of stone, they possess black and white colors that create charm and harmony, royal regal style.

Volakas stone pillar2 Volakas stone pillar in front of the hall creates a solid, majestic for the villa.


TV wall using Onyx stone

TV wall using Onyx stone, installing rear light bulb is really too beautiful and class.    

Mr. Phuong is very satisfied with the quality of stone products as well as the construction techniques of Kim Long Phu Co., Ltd. His works are warranted for 2 years in accordance with the company's regulations.  

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