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Onyx Purple Azul Pearl Stone
Product code: 0134KLP2020
Species: onyx
Origin: Brazil

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Onyx Purple Azul Pearl Stone is used for: flooring, wall tiles, table tops, bars, decorative lights ... The finished products can be in large sheets, size specifications or mosaic. Onyx is suitable for both classic and modern designs and is used extensively for highlighting in large halls, bar areas, reception areas, and bathrooms.

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Product introduction

Onyx Purple Azul Pearl Stone

The purple color of the stone belongs to the territory, symbolizing the quintessence of the mother earth, bringing elegance and creativity to a peaceful manner. With this color, it is easy to combine and mix with other colors to create a noble and most attractive feature in your home. Those who are destiny or destiny are advised to use this stone because its color brings advancement in the homeowner's career. If you know how to decorate and use the Azul Pearl purple Onyx stone in your house or interior, not only will your talent go up, but all work difficulties will be solved easily. Color in the opinion of the people is an elegant color, in love it is also a symbol of faithfulness, so the use of purple in the interior design of a house not only expresses its character. how the landlord also brings a balance of life, peace and happiness for the owner.   Customers who want to choose natural or artificial stone for their works, please contact us immediately for advice and quotation quickly.



Azul Pearl Onyx purple stone belongs to the Onyx line, which is a natural stone with the name of quartz, a combination of water and decay process of limestone along with the continuous transformation in the ground to form a stone. new. Basically Onyx stone is soft. brittle, brittle and cracked in texture, has a waxy-like surface, capable of penetrating light, so it looks luxurious. Azul Pearl Onyx stones have fancy vivid motifs, vein patterns and vivid motifs on purple stone floor that bring an unexpected interest to interior works.