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Onyx Green Pakistan Stone
Product code: 0205KLP2020
Species: onyx
Origin: pakistan

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Introduction of Onyx Green Pakistan Stone  

Onyx stone is a quartz family, made of water and the decay of limestone, combined with the constant transformation in the earth has created a new stone. In addition, among quartz stones, Onyx stone is considered to be the most perfect product of "natural mother".   In the past, Onyx stones were used a lot in feng shui by the ancients to cure illnesses or to protect soldiers' bodies when participating in battle. Because this stone not only has a special ripple color, but its composition also contains a lot of mineral crystals good for human health.

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Product introduction



Onyx Green Pakistan Stone 
Later, thanks to the natural beauty of warm colors and multicolored stone veins combined with special light penetration, Onyx stone has been widely used in interior and exterior architectural decoration such as: tiles. façade, lobby, stairs ... At the same time, because of its rarity, Onyx stones are often designed in luxurious, sophisticated locations to create accents for the entire space.   Onyx stones have a special light penetration ability that no other stone has. Besides, unlike other rocks, usually only have deep, neutral colors, Onyx brings in its bright colors combined with multicolor stone veins. However, Onyx rocks have soft, brittle, fragile and cracking characteristics. In addition, because of the rarity, the price of this stone is also quite expensive.
Onyx Green Pakistan Stone