About Kim Long Phu

KIM LONG PHU Co., Ltd was established in 2016, operating in the natural stone industry and being a trusted brand in the market, honored to participate in many projects.


KIM LONG PHU's motto is "always at the forefront of natural stone processing technology". In order to do that, KIM LONG PHU has supplemented the production capacity by strengthening the modern equipment and facilities ... to meet the maximum requirements of the project. Besides, KIM LONG PHU strengthens human resource training, searches for unique types of natural stone products to meet the increasing demands of the Interior - Exterior market, proud to bring products Best quality to our customers.

KIM LONG PHU always welcomes the cooperation of architects, investors, construction companies ... to together create aesthetic and quality value for each project.

Scope of activities

Specializing in executing granite, natural stone, granite, marble in Ho Chi Minh City area. With the experience of executing many items, big and small in Ho Chi Minh City and modern construction equipment, we are committed to bringing you the perfect works, timeless durability.


Marble - Marble - Onyx - Artificial Stone - Marble pattern


Multi facades - Stone stairs - Stone floors - Columns - Stone pattern

Stone pillars - Cornices - Hand painted stones 
- Wool legs - Stone tables
Vision - Mission - Core values
 - Becoming a prestigious and professional supplier, processor
, and contributor of natural and artificial stones in Vietnam
- Pioneering in manufacturing technology and investment and
sustainable development strategy, KIM LONG PHU desires to
bring customers exquisite and perfect products in every detail.
Bringing artistic values ​​to society, contributing to creating
unique architectural works.

- Providing unique and creative professional products and services. - Ensuring outstanding product quality, high precision and precision, contributing to the perfect beauty of the project, meeting the maximum needs of customers. - Becoming a reliable companion of customers, upholding the spirit of cooperation and development. - Participate and actively contribute to community-oriented activities.

Core values

- KIM LONG PHU is a prestigious brand, confirming its position in the construction and processing market of stone products domestically and internationally. - Rich source of natural stone imported from abroad. - Team of engineers and construction team with professional, high technology, good and experienced staff, modern machines and equipment imported from Europe